Wolf's Mouth, Wolf's Track - Kurt Agzi, Kurt Izi

Kurt agzi, also known as dove tail, is a term used in joinery to indicate the triangular fittings connecting the corners of various woodwork. In this context, the motif expresses, like in the fetter motif, the wish for solidarity. But its use on weaves serves a different purpose.
In Anatolia all press comb weaves except rugs are produced by nomad or seminomad tribes whose basic economic activity is cattle breeding, and the primary threat is the attack of wolves. People use those motifs as a means of protection against the wolves. In fact, a king of sea shell called calkak which is used as a protection against evil eye, is called kurt agzi in some regions.
In Anatolia, a monster is a legendary creature believed to be a wild, rapacious animal. The word implies a wolf or a snake rather than a dragon or a giant. However, the motif known as the monster's feet obviously symbolizes a dragon.
Variations of the wolf's track motif as used in different artifacts are show in illustrations below:

Wolf's mouth kilim motifs
Wolf's mouth kilim motifs
Wolf's mouth kilim motifs
Wolf's mouth kilim motifs

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