Experience Virtual “Home try-on” on iPhone or iPad

Apple's AR (augmented reality) feature for iPhone and iPad makes the buying process much easier. You can use it to see how a product looks in your home and if it's the right choice for your size requirements and visual aesthetics.

Kilim.com has become one of the pioneer users of this feature. We realize some customers have a hard time determining what measurements and colors are the right fit for their area. By using this interactive augmented reality experience, we aim to provide a better and more enjoyable user experience.

Now our customers can place the products wherever they want or even have a closer look at the patterns of the rug or shape of the furniture from different angles without having all of them shipped to their houses.

Follow the steps below to enjoy this feature.

Open Safari
1 - Open Safari
Open Kilim.com
2 - Go to www.kilim.com
Choose a category
3 - Choose a category
Select any product
4 - Select any product
Click 'AR' button
5 - Click "AR" button
Move iPhone or iPad to start
6 - Move iPhone or iPad to start
Walk around the product
7 - Walk around the product
Walk around the product
7 - Walk around the product
Rotate the object
8 - Rotate the object
Move the object
9 - Move the object