Hand-Woven Runner Rugs: The Ultimate Guide

Hand-Woven Runner Rugs: The Ultimate Guide

Hand-woven runner rugs are more popular than ever these days, and for a good reason. They can make a dull room come alive with their vibrant colors and intricate patterns. But there is much more to them than just aesthetics - they also serve as a functional piece of home decor with many benefits! 

What Is A Hand-Woven Runner Rug?

A hand-woven runner rug measures anywhere between two and three feet wide and run between six to fourteen feet long. They differ in length depending on where you place them in your home and their intended purpose (e.g., in front of a bed or along an entryway).

Many people choose hand-woven runner rugs because they offer a simple and stylish alternative to the traditional, boring doormat. They bring an element of warmth and sophistication into your home while also serving as a functional decor item that can protect your floors from dirt and debris when you enter or exit through doorways. Plus, you’ll never have the same rug as someone else.

What Are The Different Types Of Runner Rugs To Choose From?

Vintage Turkish Kilim Runner
Multicolor New Handwoven Turkish Kilim Rug
Vintage Turkish Runner Rug
Beige, Brown Vintage Turkish Runner Rug
Beige, Green New Oushak Runner Rug

Kilim Runner Rugs

Kilim runner rugs are the most traditional type of runner rugs and refer to a flatwoven rug, meaning there is no pile. Our kilim runner rugs are available in various colors and sizes, as well as being completely handwoven. The designs are made by creating a flatweave, which is when various colored wraps and wefts are interwoven.

Hand-Knotted Runner Rugs

Hand-knotted runner rugs are made using a hand-knotting technique, which is the oldest method for weaving rugs. They are made by knotting yarn on cotton or wool warps. These rugs are incredibly durable and will last you several decades if taken care of properly! Plus, each carpet has its own unique style that can’t be mass-produced.

Wool Runner Rugs

Wool Runner rugs are made from 100% wool and come in a variety of patterns and colors. You can choose between semi-antique, antique, traditional, and contemporary styles. These rugs are incredibly soft underfoot while also being durable enough to last you for many years!

Vintage Handwoven Runner Rugs

Vintage handwoven runner rugs add a unique character to any room in your home. These timeless runner rugs are high-quality vintage rugs that are sheared out even further to help create a distressed look, sometimes even drying in the sun to mellow out the colors without having to add any chemicals to the rug. The age of the carpet and patterns give them a sense of history while also offering warmth to your room.

Oushak Runner Rugs

Oushak runner rugs, made in the ancient city of Western Turkey, have a distinct style known for their large-scale floral designs. These rugs tend to be calm and tame looking due to their age, but they also display elegance, which makes them wonderful modern-day pieces! Today’s producers create both contemporary Oushak carpets with this feel alongside authentic ones from centuries past.

Where Are The Best Places To Place Your Hand-Woven Runner Rug?

The best place to put your hand-woven runner rug depends on your ultimate goals for your home decor. The great news is that there is essentially no wrong answer when it comes to where you should place your hand-woven runner rug. Here are a few of our favorite placement suggestions.

Best Places to Place Runner Rug
Best Places to Place Runner Rug


The first place we suggest placing your hand-woven runner rug is in the foyer. Not only will this keep dirt and debris from entering your home, but it’ll also create a warm welcome to anyone who enters or exits through that doorway.


Another place we recommend placing your hand-woven runner rug is in the hallway. Hallways are typically challenging areas to decorate because of the small space and narrow confines. However, a hallway runner rug will help protect your floors while also being a great way to add warmth and character to this space.


Placing your hand-woven runner rug in the kitchen is an excellent way to add warmth while protecting your floors from food scraps. As one of the most frequented areas of the house, you’ll want to make sure your floors are protected from the constant foot traffic.


The bedroom is another great place to put your hand-woven runner rug. Adding a warm and natural element into the bedroom will help alleviate any feelings of coldness that may come with these rooms while also creating an inviting area for you to relax in!


Adding a hand-woven stair runner to your staircase is also a great idea, especially if you have wooden floors. Stair runners will help protect the stairs from getting damaged over time, as well as add character to this area of the house.

What Are The Benefits Of Hand-Woven Runner Rugs?

There are a number of benefits associated with choosing a hand-woven runner rug for your home. These include the following:

Benefits Of Hand-Woven Runner Rugs

1 - Protect Your Home's Floors

One of the main benefits that come with choosing a hand-woven runner rug is protecting your home’s floors. This can include any type of flooring, such as wood and tile. In addition, these rugs are incredibly durable due to their handcrafted nature, which means they’ll be able to protect your floor for a very long time! This not only helps to maintain your home but ends up saving you money in the long run from having to repair your floors.

2 - Add Warmth To Your Home

Another great benefit that comes with choosing a hand-woven runner rug for your home is adding warmth and character to your home’s interior design scheme! Handmade rugs add an element of comfort when placed in any room, which helps you unwind at the end of a long day. If you’re looking for a way to tie together a space, then adding a hand-woven runner rug is an excellent way to do it!

3 - Add Personality To Any Room

One of the best benefits associated with hand-woven runner rugs is how they add personality to any room in your home. The vibrant colors and styles available help you reflect your personal tastes wherever you choose to place them! If you’re looking for a way to liven up an otherwise dull space, then adding one of these rugs can be just what you need! However, if you need a neutral-colored rug to tie together your modern room, you’ll find runner rugs that can also help to accomplish that goal as well.

4 - Durable For High Trafficked Areas

Another benefit that comes with choosing a hand-woven runner rug for your home is the fact that they’re incredibly durable. These rugs are perfect for high trafficked areas of the house, such as hallways and foyers! Instead of having mud and dirt dragged around the home, runner rugs can help contain the mess.

5 - Toxin-Free Decorations

If you’re looking for a way to decorate your home without adding any harsh chemicals into the environment, then choosing hand-woven runner rugs can help! Our team uses eco-friendly methods to create these items, which means they won’t introduce toxins into the interior of your home.

6 - Decreases Noise Level

If you’re looking for a way to reduce the amount of noise that travels throughout your home, then opting for hand-woven runner rugs can help. These rugs are known for being incredibly absorbent, which means they’ll easily muffle any sound from clashing with hardwood floors! This is an excellent option if you have pets or children that make noise often and need a quick solution to this problem.

Vintage Turkish Runner Rug
Vintage Turkish Runner Rug
Vintage Turkish Kilim Runner
Multicolor New Turkish Kilim Runner


The benefits that come with choosing a hand-woven runner rug are plentiful and include protecting floors, adding warmth to homes interiors, livening up dull spaces by incorporating colors, being incredibly durable for high traffic areas of the home but also decreasing noise level through sound absorption qualities associated with these items!

Runner rugs can be an excellent option for those looking to decorate their homes without sacrificing style! They’re perfect for protecting floors from constant foot traffic while adding warmth and character wherever you choose to place them! By choosing hand-woven runner rugs, they will last longer than other types of traditional rug materials, which means less money spent overtime on replacements. Additionally, these items help protect your home’s flooring material by absorbing sound that would otherwise create a harsh clashing against a hardwood or tiled surface!