Custom Size and Color Hand-knotted Rugs, Kilims, Patchwork Rugs

We know that everyone is different, and that with different personalities come different tastes. We have one of the largest collections of new, vintage and antique hand-woven rugs online, but we know that it still might not be possible to find exactly what you're looking for. It is for this reason that we offer our custom rug service. We can create a hand-knotted rug, hand-woven flatweave rug (kilim), or a patchwork rug from vintage rug fragments bespoke to your color, size and pattern requirements. All of our custom-made new rugs are hand-woven using 100% hand-spun vegetable-dyed wool by skilled weavers in the Aegean region of Turkey.

Custom Order Handwoven Area Rugs and Runners

To tailor your own custom-made rug, you can send us your own design or you choose one from our collection. You can then select your preferred colors from our color swatch.

To jump start your custom rug on one of our designs, please check out: Custom Kilim Rugs or Custom Hand-Knotted Rugs

Custom Order Patchwork Area Rugs and Runners

We custom make a patchwork rug from authentic vintage rugs in colors that you select from our over-dyed rug swatch.

To start with one of our designs, please check out: Custom Overdyed Patchwork Rugs

For further information or help deciding on what's best for you, please contact our sales team at:

Custom Order Rug Production Stages

We can begin realizing your rug from a design you have drawn or from one of the rugs in our collection.

In this case, our client sent us a detailed drawing inspired by a vintage rug she liked.

Design Stage

Our design team scales the drawing according to its dimensions.

Color decision from the swatch

The colors suitable for the customer's decoration are determined by the closest colors from our current color chart.

Our customer had previously stated in the example he had drawn that he wanted six colors to be used in his design. Taking this into account, we continue our work.

We start the custom order creation process.

Our specially designed rug is shaped and colored according to the size given. After the design is formed, we get confirmation from our customer that the rug is ready for weaving.

In line with the approval given, we print on paper after the measurements and colors are meticulously noted to the finest detail. The prints of our specially designed rugs are delivered to our professional weavers in our workshops located in the Aegean region.

Weaving Starts

After our special design print reaches the weaving team, our experienced weavers start the longest stage: "hand weaving" for kilim rugs or "hand knotting" for pile rugs. We generally use hand-spun, vegetable-dyed wool unless there is need for bright colors.

The process after the weaving of our special order rugs

The weaving of our custom made rugs is completed patiently after great efforts and efforts. Afterwards, it is delivered to our shooting studio in Istanbul for photo shooting. It is also photographed with our pantone color chart, from far and close, from any angle you want. The photos taken are sent to the customer for approval. Our product is now ready to go in line with the approval of our customer. The product is packaged firmly, not to be damaged. It is now ready to go where it belongs.

Customer happiness

After our product reaches our customer, the wonderful photo taken in its new location.