Bohemian Interior Design


Boho style, short for Bohemian, enjoys immense popularity among various interior designs for its eclectic and free-spirited appeal. In addition to this, a mix of cultural and global influences have inspired this particular style that now is commonly found in homes.

The essence of Bohemian design lies in its rejection of rigid rules, encouraging a mix-and-match approach. This translates to combining vintage finds, lively hues, and handmade pieces. İn other words, it is basically a design philosophy that values individuality. Your space becomes this ever-changing canvas that grows with you, reflecting your developing tastes and experiences as they unfold.

In this article, we shall dive deeper into the bohemian interior design, exploring its key characteristics, with an emphasis on a defining element – the boho rugs.

What is the Bohemian Style?

Bohemian style is like a breath of fresh air in the realm of interior design. It draws its key inspiration from the carefree and unconventional lifestyle of bohemians – individuals who resort to unorthodox and artistic ways of life. İn other words, it's a design philosophy whose fulcrum is celebration of individuality and artistic expression.

Speaking of this, the bohemian interior design refers to creating spaces that are rich in character, warmth, and personality. Unlike other interior design styles, bohemian encourages a mix-and-match approach in which a wide combination of various textures, patterns, and colors bring about the space together.

Since we are on the topic, how about we go a little back in time and see where did it all begin?

In historical light…

It was in the 19th-century in France that the term "bohemian" emerged as a bunch of individuals started to reject the stifling path of conformity in terms of social and cultural norms of the time. These were the bohemians, the unconventional souls who challenged the societal fabric and dared to live life on their terms.

Fast forward to the 1960s and 1970s, and the bohemian style started to gain substantial momentum. This particular era, during which the youth rebelled against societal norms, enjoys a pivotal status in history.

Over a period of time, it seamlessly wove itself into various art forms, including but not limited to fashion; and interior design was no exception. The bohemian style has managed to establish itself as the most sought-after interior design statement as it offers a wholesome canvas for self-expression.

Key characteristics of bohemian style

Mix and match:

Bohemian interior design style is like breaking free from all the shackles of bookish rules of interior design. Unlike traditional decor, Boho isn't about being perfectly coordinated but rather thriving on a blend of complete opposites. Whether it's bold patterns or vintage elements, Bohemian interiors celebrate freedom of expression in the truest sense.


Bohemian interiors often comprise an eclectic mix of furniture styles, ranging from vintage pieces to travel souvenirs. The key is to create a lived-in look that displays comfort and an individual’s unique taste and personality.

Vibrant Colors:

This design is all about creating a visually stimulating and inviting environment through bold and vibrant colors. Deep jewel tones, warm hues, and rich colors like red and blue are commonly used color palettes.


Boho design heavily revolves around layering to create a cozy look. Therefore, layering rugs, plush cushions, and hanging tapestries on the walls fall into essentials.

Global Influences:

Boho design is a combination of elements from around the world. This may manifest in visuals through furniture pieces, decoratives such as Moroccan lanterns or textiles like Turkish kilim rugs.


Getting a bohemian interior to life also encompasses bringing a touch of nature into your living space. Hence, you can’t just deny the power of plants here. Whether they're standing tall in pots, gracefully dangling from above, or spot-placed, plants are must-haves for authentic bohemian decor.

A defining element – the boho rugs

When working to bring around a Bohemian interior design, the choice of rugs can play an instrumental role in shaping the space. Let's explore rug options that can beautifully turn your home into a beautiful, personality-packed Bohemian haven.

Kilim rugs:

With their flatweave construction and vibrant patterns, these rugs serve as the ultimate burst of color and texture – very much the essence of a bohemian space. When picking a Kilim rug to a warm, saturated color palette to blend in with the bohemian design style.

Moroccan style rugs:

For boho interior design lovers, Moroccan rugs are a natural choice. Intricate geometric patterns, often including diamonds, triangles, and zigzag lines are common characteristics of such rugs. These bold and repetitive designs add a visually stimulating element to a space, contributing to a true eclectic, Bohemian aesthetic.

Chaput Pala rugs:

For boho interior design lovers, Moroccan rugs are a natural choice. Intricate geometric patterns, often including diamonds, triangles, and zigzag lines are common characteristics of such rugs. These bold and repetitive designs add a visually stimulating element to a space, contributing to a true eclectic, Bohemian aesthetic.

Overdyed and Patchwork Rugs:

They tend to amplify the Bohemian charm within a living space the right way. Overdyed with deep, rich colors coupled with the nostalgic vibe they embody resonates with the Bohemian spirit. The patchwork rugs consisting of a mix of pieces sewn together complements really well with the laid-back Bohemian vibe.

Tulu Rugs:

The Bohemian spirit is also about living a casual laid-back lifestyle, and Tulu rugs perfectly capture this particular vibe. To put it exactly, its fluffy and soft texture breathes coziness and Bohemian vibe into any space. One may feel the urge to instantly unwind as soon as they set foot on these comfy Tulu rugs!

To sum up, Bohemian style is all about letting your true personality shine, and a right rug in your space can easily become the storyteller in this journey. So, make sure you take your time while you pick a rug as this, seemingly a small decision, can truly make or break your Bohemian look.

Creating bohemian interior design with Kilim Studio

Boho style is all about mixing and matching, and here at Kilim Studio, we've got a rug collection that's as eclectic as your taste. Whether you're into geometric patterns, colorful explosions, or subtle details, we've got something for everyone.

Well, we leave it up to your choice if you want to find that perfect color theme that best matches your existing interior decor or if you ask us, you can also redo the whole room around your chosen rug….

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