Choosing and Decorating with Kilims

From an esthetic point of view, harmony and contrast are the two basic principles generally followed by interior designers. The concept of harmony requires that the colors of a kilim rug blend in with the overall color scheme. This is usually achieved if at least one of the colors in a kilim rug is also present elsewhere in the room.

Choosing and Decorating with Kilims

Although in common practice it is the principal colors in a kilim rug that are regarded as candidates for matching, very harmonious effects can also be achieved by matching the subsidiary kilim colors to the subsidiary scheme of the room. However, the dominant kilim color can also be matched to good effect with subsidiary room colors, so the underlying principle is to have at least one kilim color in common with a color in the room.

If, on the other hand, you are fond of contrasts, a bright kilim rug can be an ideal counterpoint in a room whose predominant color scheme is soft, while a pastel-hued kilim rug will provide this contrasting effect in surroundings of deep, rich shades. A subtle and sophisticated application of the principle of contrast can also be obtained by introducing a kilim rug with colors starkly different than those of the venue being decorated but also containing a deeper, more full-bodied hue of the prevailing softer room color.

Choosing and Decorating with Kilims

The versatility of kilims and the variety of their designs and colors are the characteristics that make them especially attractive and adaptable for countless applications in home decoration. An antique or particularly handsome kilim rug can be the focal point of room décor, while smaller ones can provide just the right accents to liven up or enrich the surroundings.

Among the multitude of designs, colors and sizes available, there are kilims fit practically any style of furnishings, be it Scandinavian, Classical, modern or rustic, and the uses they can be put to are myriad. Kilims can be used as floor coverings, wall-hangings, spreads over pieces of furniture, tablecloths, bedspreads or as cushion covers, to name just a few of their uses.

Furthermore, they can be used to good effect not only in homes but also in places of work, which they enhance immeasurably by taking the edge off the usual formality.

Choosing and Decorating with Kilims

The cardinal rule we suggest you go by is to trust your own sense of style, your own feeling for the appropriate and the beautiful. You can become explicitly aware of this intuitive power of yours as you browse through our collection of kilims, because if you stop and reflect as you look at each item, most likely you will catch yourself mentally fitting that item into the existing décor of the various rooms in your home or office.

Remember that every kilim rug, however it is placed or used, introduces into the surroundings a whole world of cultures and ancient traditions that are being slowly extinguished by modern industrialization.

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