How is the ordering procedure?
After entering your shipping and billing addresses, you will be taken to the shipping method page where you will see the the shipping company and fee which is currently free and the delivery time. Please click on the "Continue" button to fill the order form where you input your credit card or PayPal data. Please click on the "Submit Your Order" button to complete your order.

You will receive an automated mail informing you that we have received your order. We will update you with the shipping details in 1-3 business days.

How do I make payments?
We accept payment by PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, as well as by international money orders in US currency, bank drafts and corporate checks.

Can I return an order?
You may completely cancel, add items to or take out items from your order until we ship your package which is usually in 1-3 business days. We charge your credit card only at time of the actual delivery of your package to the shipping company.
Customer satisfaction is our top priority. You may return any item to our warehouse in the US for a 100% money back refund within a period of thirty (30) days from the date of receipt (except the cost of return shipping). Instead of returning the item for a full refund, you also have the option of using 100% store credit for up to 12 months. For non-US countries, we may have to exclude customs duties and/or VAT if we pay them on your behalf. Should there be any fundamental errors committed by us, such as delivery of a wrong or damaged item, etc., you be entitled to a full refund.
If you decide to return an item, please first send an e-mail to us at sales1@kilim.com and obtain return information. Items are to be returned in the same condition as sold with no damage or alterations.
We ship all packages fully insured against damage and loss. If your order shows damage when you receive the shipment, please open it in the presence of the delivery service personnel, or at least bring it to their attention when signing for the item. If possible, also please try to obtain a photograph of the damaged package. Contact us immediately and retain all packaging materials.

Can I return a custom rug?
We do not accept returns for custom rugs unless they are damaged during shipment. We charge 25% of the amount when we start the production and charge the rest after we send you a picture of the finished rug and have your approval. If you do not like the result, you may cancel your order at this point and we charge back to your credit card.

How do you handle shipping?
We ship via UPS AIR and FedEx and deliveries are usually made in 4-6 business days to all locations in USA and Europe, and in 5-7 days to Australia, New Zealand and most of Asia, Latin America and Africa. Please let us know if you want to upgrade to 2-3 days delivery. All items are fully insured against damage and loss.

How are the shipping prices determined?
We currently ship free worldwide.

How long does it take that I receive my order?
UPS (United Parcel Service) and FedEx usually deliver in 4-6 business days to all locations in USA and Europe, and in 5-7 days to Australia, New Zealand and most of Asia, Latin America and Africa. Please let us know you to upgrade faster delivery.

How often do you update your kilim galleries?
It varies greatly. If you would like to be informed when our new products are listed please send your e-mail address to sales1@kilim.com.

Are your rugs fair trade and free of child labor?
Our major inventory consists of semi-antique or antique Anatolian rugs. Unlike oriental rugs, kilim rugs and other flatweaves of this region were mostly produced for personal use by tribal people or villagers. There never was large scale commercial production for these items and we also believe this makes them more appealing and authentic. We also sell new kilim rugs woven by Anotalian women. Fortunately, exploitive and forced practices involving children is nonexistent in Turkish rug industry in contrast with countries like China, Pakistan, or India, where fair labor practices can not be guaranteed. We know of no large scale workshops in Turkey for handmade rug or kilim production. This is also mainly why Turkish rugs are usually of higher quality. Turkey has a hard time competing with the extremely low labor costs of India and Pakistan so the producers and weavers concentrate more on quality in order to be able to justify their relatively higher costs of production. For example our highest quality Konya kilims are produced in villages around Konya using traditional methods by mostly adult women in their homes. They are able to attend family matters and weave at their own pace. There are no workshops, let alone factories in this region. Some of our new production Anatolian kilims are produced in small work shops in the the villages of the Aegean region and all these workshops are regulated by the state. The weavers themselves are paid a wage and they are free to leave their jobs whenever they want, but they are happy to learn a new skill and contribute to the family income. They work in clean and well lighted places. We guess this makes our rugs "fair trade".