Star - Yildiz

The star motif on an Anatolian weaving generally means happiness and does not imply heaven for which a cloud, a dragon or a phoenix is used in many works including miniatures and other textiles.
The six pointed star generally known as the Solomon's Seal is being used in Anatolia since the time of the Phrygians who lived long before the time of Solomon. Therefore it wouldn't be wrong to deduce that it carries a meaning other than what is implied by 'Solomon's Seal'. Taking into consideration the mother goddess statues where the star symbolizes the womb, it could be said that the motif is related to fertility.
Due to technical difficulties, star motifs having five points are used only on rugs. Usually star motifs have eight or more points as illustrated below:

Star kilim motifs
Star kilim motifs
Star kilim motifs
Star kilim motifs

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