Interior Styles

Living in Istanbul

by Kenize Mourad (Preface), Jerome Darblay (Photographer)
The Living in... series takes you on an armchair visit of the houses, gardens, museums and palaces of the world's most beautiful countries and cities. From Norway to Istanbul, from Portugal to London, discover the neglected treasures and hidden delights of regions which still harbor secrets to enchant even the most world-weary traveler. And for those inspired to visit, each volume includes an exclusive traveler's guide.


Splendors of Istanbul: Houses and Palaces Along the Bosporus

by Chris Hellier, Francesco Venturi (Photographer)
Travel books all urge the tourist in Istanbul to take a ferry ride up the Bosporus, the waterway dividing the European and Asian parts of the city. This beautiful book not only helps in identifying the palaces and villas that line the water but takes us inside them. Some well-known public buildings, such as Topkapi and the Dolmabahce Palace, are shown, but most interesting are the interiors of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century wooden villas that were originally built as summer getaways, often by Greeks, Russians, or Egyptians. Many of them have been lost to fire or development in recent years, but some are now restored and serve as year-round homes.


Turkish Style

by Bektas, Ara Guler, Cengiz Bektas
A stunning crystallization of a tradition that spans 10,000 years, the rise and fall of mighty empires, and influences from Africa to the Balkans, this volume combines a comfortably erudite text with 300 color illustrations to reveal the interiors and exteriors of Turkish houses throughout the country's regions as well as in Istanbul. 10.25x11.25". Distributed in the US and Canada by Rizzoli. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.


Mediterranean Style : Relaxed Living Inspired by Strong Colors & Natural Materials

by Catherine Haig
Vivid colors, bold simplicity, textural contrasts, stone, tile, and stucco--these are the hallmarks of this refreshingly unpretentious style, which is easy to live with and surprisingly simple to evoke at home. Vibrant photos and detailed, practical text explore all the elements of the look and explain what to do with your own walls and floors, windows and doors, furnishings and accessories to re-create the look. And the 12 step-by-step projects (including sand-textured or distempered walls, a pebbled floor, a fretwork window screen, studded doors, and a mosaic tabletop) prove that it doesn't take a huge effort or a huge budget to achieve the relaxed grace of this popular decor.


Mediterranean Living

by Lisa Lovatt-Smith
This is a beautiful book which gives beautiful Mediterranean-style decorating ideas. It has great pictures with nice descriptive and often inspiring text by the author about the 22 homes of famous people like Pierre Cardin, Miguel Servera and Armani.


Mediterranean Lifestyle

by Pere Planells (Photographer)
Taking a sunny look at many settings along the Mediterranean, this handsome volume surveys the region from a variety of perspectives, adding up to a broad, beautifully photographed overview. Both seaside and rural country towns are shown in brilliant pictures that point out different aspects of Mediterranean culture: its landscape, customs, cuisine, architecture, and interior design. Presenting characteristic buildings and examples of how residents enjoy their unique settings, the book takes readers on a tour of lovely lifestyles.


Greek Design and Decoration : Three Centuries of Architectural Style

by Demetres Philippides
To thumb through the pages of this stunning volume is to experience the beauty and variety of Greek architectural decoration from around 1700 to the mid-20th century. Glorious color photographs reveal exquisite murals and reliefs, painted and tiled interiors and exteriors-and a wealth of rich, vibrant color. The text guides readers through the splendors of Greek architecture, while the close-up photographs-ranging from small, simple rural homes and churches to strikingly decorated mansions and public buildings-showcase the distinctive elements of Greek style and provide ideas for incorporating that style into today's homes.


African Style : Down to the Details

by Sharne Algotsson
Brimming over with vibrant photography and inspiring projects, African Style sheds light on traditional textiles, colors, and materials used in a variety of African cultures and ways of adapting them to modern living. From the basic importance of paint to the fine details of accessories, author Sharne Algotsson (Spirit of African Design) and photographer George Ross have brought together a fabulous blend of creative inspiration, geographical and historical information, and easy projects that will have readers itching to add new style to their homes.


The Japanese House : Architecture and Interiors

by Alexandra Black, Noboru Murata (Photographer)
This book shows 13 houses ranging from "the teahouse" over "the traditional inn" and a "samurai residence" to "Japanese modern". It is mainly a photo book, the text is sparse. Each house gets two pages of introductory text, the rest is comments to the pictures. These are of the highest quality in terms of resolution, lighting, layout and print quality. It's easy to understand that "Noboru Murata is one of Japan's most accomplished interior photographers". The main layout of this book is that there is one big picture covering one page (or more) completely, while the opposing page has up to three smaller pictures and the describing text.


Safari Style

by Tim Beddow (Photographer), Natasha Burns
As Western lavishness collided with striking native elements in the vast reaches of the East African savanna, the Safari style was born. Blending ethnic African with colonial European, the look emphasizes relaxed yet luxurious living, drawing on an elemental approach to texture, color, and pattern, and on indigenous materials and design. Exploring 21 spectacular homes in glorious color, Safari Style takes us on an expedition through a fantastic Moorish residence in Kenya, a hotel in Zanzibar masquerading as a Persian palace, an Italianate villa on a former coffee plantation in Nairobi, a tree house hideaway perched in the Ngong hills, and a host of other extraordinary dwellings.


Rustic Style

by Ralph Kylloe (Photographer)
A wide variety of authentic American rustic furniture is showcased, with dozens of historical and contemporary examples of this highly collectible style in room settings of every kind. The book offers scores of ideas for using and combining rustic pieces made from branches, roots, bark, twigs, and antlers. 190 illustrations, 175 in color.


Moroccan Style (Architecture & Design Library)

by Alexandra Bonfante-Warren
A stunning pictorial of architecture and design, Moroccan Style takes us to a hot, dry land bordered on the east and south by the Sahara, on the west by the Atlantic, and on the north by the Mediterranean Sea. Forbidden by the Koran to depict any living part of creation literally, Moroccans have created inventive designs, which are seen in rugs, pottery, woodwork, and especially in the famous tilework zillij. The contrast of warm earth tones with the vivid blue of the sea and sky repeats time and again in the interiors and exteriors of the sumptuous villas presented in Moroccan Style. "Moroccan décor is a sublime balancing act," says author Alexandra Bonfante-Warren. "A harmony of simplicity and elegant profusion."


Bringing Italy Home : Creating the Feeling of Italy in Your Home Room by Room

by Cheryl MacLachlan, Bo Niles, Ivan Terestchenko (Photographer)
A former associate publisher at Hearst magazines shows how to incorporate the very best of another country's decorating, entertaining, and kitchen secrets into American homes. The book guides the reader room by room in the house, then out into the marketplace and the garden to cover a country's full range of life and style.


Asian Elements : Natural Balance in Eastern Design

by Jane Edwards, Andrew Wood (Photographer)
Asian Elements offers a rich sampling of Asian themes and styles from homes in Sri Lanka, Bali, Hong Kong, and beyond. The perfect choice for devotees of the austere oriental aesthetic, its presentation is divided along the lines of the five elements: earth (gardens, clay, stone), air (space, light, flow), fire (kitchens, metal, glass), water (bathrooms, waterside homes), and wood (furniture, textiles). Is it beautiful? Yes. Is it useful? Well... that depends. Categorizing the material by element is a very photogenic concept, and the book presents a sumptuous assortment of oriental textures and accents. Jhana Bach


India Style

by Monisha Bharadwaj, Bharath Ramamrutham (Photographer)
Indian style is eclectic, weaving together influences from many regions and cultures. The range of traditional and modern designs found in India is awesome. Brilliant color schemes are symbolic of religious beliefs, whether Islamic, Hindu, or Christian, and often correlate to the basic elements of air (white or silver), water (blue), and fire (red, orange, yellow). Additionally, space is an integral aspect of Indian design and architecture. This vibrant book explains the diverse origins of the ornamentation that epitomizes Indian style, elaborates on the differences between regional decorative traditions, and presents the treatments of doors, windows, floors, and walls that can be emulated in the West.


Mexican Style : Creative Ideas for Enhancing Your Space

by Peter Aprahamian (Photographer), Susan Tomlinson
The Mexican Style Source Book explores the distinctive architecture of Mexico: from haciendas to columns and arches to palapas. Interiors focus on the textures and materials, including wood, metal, leather, paper, fiber, tiles, ceramics, silver, and stonework. Featured patterns include floral, pictorial, religious, symbolic, and stone relief.


The Paris Apartment : Romantic Decor on a Flea Market Budget

by Claudia Strasser
If you love chandeliers, flowing draperies, and bric-a-brac--if you believe you were a Roman senator, a Gothic queen, or Madame de Pompadour in an earlier life or have fantasies of La Belle Époque or the Golden Age of Hollywood--The Paris Apartment is the decorating book for you. Claudia Strasser includes before-and-after pictures of real people's apartments, transformed from dark cracker boxes to intriguing showplaces.


The Spirit of African Design

by Miranda Innes
Two design experts share their knowledge of and enthusiasm for African design and style, presenting African motifs as displayed in contemporary home settings. As most titles on African design focus on either museum holdings or native settings, this makes for a different approach to African design which teaches a new perspective, standing apart from the myriad of African art and contemporary design standards.


Bringing It Home Sweden

by Cheryl MacLachlan, Bo Niles, Ivan Terestchenko
Renowned for its lovely blond woods and delicate color palette dominated by pale blues, Sweden is a country of simple and elegant interior design. In a bright, well-photographed presentation, lifestyle writer Cheryl MacLachlan beautifully captures the essence of Swedish design: clean lines, pale hues, natural materials, a powerful sense of light and space, and fresh folk-art charm. The living room, bedroom, dining room, and kitchen each merit a chapter filled with ideas about walls, floors, windows, colors, fabrics, lighting, and furniture. Scattered throughout are tips on decorating, such as transferring a decorative motif to a wall, setting an attractive table, and mixing your own paints for an authentic look.


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