Handmade Needlepoint Rug - 5' 11" x 8' 11" (71 in. x 107 in.) - K0010686

5' 11" (71 in.)
8' 11" (107 in.)
18 lbs


Needlepoint rugs are flatweaves that are woven on an open weave canvas. Fine meshes allow for incredible detail and endless variation in motifs. Like with other flatweaves such as kilims, skilled artisans are creating a whole new fabric from scratch when using the needlepoint technique, rather than just embroidering it.
Needlepoint stitching follows a long tradition with periodically recurring revivals: Scholars have found pieces of these fabrics in ancient Egyptian tombs from the 2nd century BC. In the 16th century needlepointing became a popular domestic occupation and it reached new forms of design in the 17th century, when upholstered furniture became state of the art. Berlin Wool Work introduced new shining colors stitched upon hand drawn canvases in the 19th century. Today needlepoint celebrates yet another comeback and has become very popular among interior designers and textile artists.
Our rugs combine floral motifs with geometric patterns in harmonious hues. The elegant design of these fine pileless weaves make them desirable for classical interiors. Due to their firmness and precision of the stitching they can be applied in many different environments around the house. They will give a welcoming flair in your entryway and make great conversation starters in your living areas. Used as eye catchers they will also easily fit into any kitchen of plain, contemporary design.
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