Kilim Area Rugs - All Hand-Woven, Unique and Authentic

All kilim area rugs offered in the store are hand-woven by skilled weavers using pure-wool (sometimes mixed with angora goat-hair or cotton) and traditional methods tested and tried over many generations. With their timeless designs, motifs and colors, kilim rugs have universal appeal, transcending cultural and educational barriers. 
For more about kilims, their origins, cleaning, hanging, dyeing and more, please check out our wiki. Please contact us if you cannot find your desired size or colors. We custom make kilims using traditional methods.

Aubusson Rug - K0037681
8' 9" x 11' 8" (105 in. x 140 in.)
$2460 USD
$1959 USD
Aubusson Rug - K0037637
8' 6" x 11' 11" (102 in. x 143 in.)
$2455 USD
$1959 USD
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