Tree of Life - Hayat Agaci

The tree is the common theme for all religions believing in a single god. Its fruit which is believed to bring immortality, is forbidden to all mortals when the serpent waiting the tree had convinced Eve to eat it. Mankind, unable to eat the fruit of immortality, put all their hopes on the life after death symbolized by a tree of life.
Different cultures have used different plants such as cypress, date, palm, pomegranate, fig, olive, wine, beech and oak to symbolize the tree of life. In Anatolia the prominent figure is a cypress tree. 'The birds on the tree of life' is a widely used theme. They are the birds of life which will fly when the time comes. This theme is also used on the gravestones.
Illustrations below display various tree of life motifs in Anatolia:

Tree of life kilim motifs
Tree of life kilim motifs
Tree of life kilim motifs

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