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Interior Design

by John F. Pile
By far the most attractive introduction to interior design as it is practiced today, this comprehensive survey focuses on exciting solutions to the real problems of modern environmental circumstances, both residential and commercial. Of the more than 750 photographs and diagrams, over 200, most in color, are new to this lavishly produced Third Edition and reflect the vision of the most creative professionals working today.
Written for students as well as those interested in designing their own interiors or working with an interior designer, John Pile's long-awaited revision of his highly regarded text features:Every chapter has been updated in organization, content, and visual examples to reflect the newest developments in this exciting field.


The Essential House Book: Getting Back to Basics

by Terence Conran
Marrying practical living with attractive home design ideas, Sir Terence Conran offers a big, beautiful compendium of expert solutions for today's house or apartment dweller. His vision is an all-new, commonsense approach to making the place you call home a place where you can feel both comfortable and in style. Includes complete instructions and practical information.


Interior Transformations

by Ann Grafton, Helen Chislett
With fresh advice on everything from the subtleties of color combinations and choosing what you like with confidence, to getting down to basics like measuring and budgeting, Ann Grafton, Creative Director of Colefax & Fowler, guides readers through the key design decisions bringing the distinctive style of Colefax & Fowler into your home. Over 350 new photographs plus hints for planning the transformation and advice on putting one's imagination to work make Interior Transformations a reference like few others.


Terence Conran's New House Book: The Complete Guide To Home Design

by Terence Conran
All in color! It's been the classic book on house style for years! Combine style, comfort, function, and economy. Whether you're restoring an entire house, adding a child's room, or redoing a kitchen, these simply elegant ideas for designing interiors -shown in over 1,000 photos- will provide endless inspiration. Know what to do before decoration starts, including assessing a home, putting in adequate storage, and adding heating, wiring, and plumbing. Acquire a sure sense of style and how to use color, pattern, and fabrics. Select flooring, and get unique ideas for papering and painting surfaces; lighting; and disguising flaws.


Design Secrets: Architectural Interiors

by Rockport, Justin Henderson, Rysia Suchecka, Nora Richter Greer
Go inside the intriguing world of interior design to find out the latest secrets for home decorating. This volume gives readers a chance to look at what other designers are doing at the moment and also lets them in on the secrets behind their great designs. Up to date information and beautiful photographs illustrate this book, and readers will be happy to add this to their collection.


Interior Designing for All Five Senses

by Catherine Bailly Dunne, Mary Seehafer Sears
Using beautiful color photographs of the interiors of exceptional homes across the country that look good and feel right, Catherine Bailly Dunne demonstrates creative and easy ways to decorate for all five senses in our own homes. According to Dunne, a truly integrated home engages every sense. Stressing that interior design is more than a superficial concern, that it can help you "design your life," Dunne connects with a generation that yearns to understand the emotional needs of a healthy family and passionately believes that the home is a mirror of the soul. She enthusiastically teaches how anyone can decorate a home to celebrate a family's creativity and passion for life.


Decorative Style : The Most Original and Comprehensive Sourcebook

by Kevin McCloud
Using innovative, easy-to-master techniques and surprisingly inexpensive materials (paint, paper, fabric, replica molding -- even photocopies!), Kevin McCloud -- a brilliant young set designer turned interior decorator -- shows you everything you need to know to design and create your own stunning adaptations of today's most popular decorating styles. There are forty styles in all -- from Santa Fe, Shaker, Miami Deco, and Caribbean to Bauhaus, Biedermeier, Mackintosh, and French Country (to name just a few) -- each designed and created especially by the author and stunningly photographed, with literally hundreds of styling options and color variations to choose from.


Designing Women : Interiors by Leading Style Makers

by Margaret Russell, John M. Hall (Photographer), Martha Stewart
Women with savoir faire and verve, women who inform and inspire, women who know how to get what they want out of a room—-Designing Women takes a fresh look at sixteen contemporary trendsetters. The exclusive group includes Muriel Brandolini, Mariette Hines Gomez, Tricia Guild, Victoria Hagan, Holly Hunt, Charlotte Moss, and Catherine Memmi—-innovators whose highly individual styles have strongly influenced the direction of design. In this inspirational book, these icons of interior decoration lead by example: Striking portraits of their personal surroundings reveal how they bring their professional philosophies home. Showcasing the designers’ own homes, author Margaret Russell outlines a variety of design approaches to particular rooms, taking into account such elements as scale, fabrics and furnishings, and color and texture. A resource list provides contact information for the designers’ favorite sources.


Naturally Modern: Creating Interiors with Wood, Leather, Stone, and Natural Fabrics

by Ros Byam Shaw, Andrew Wood (Photographer)
A style book, a wish book, and a practical how-to guide to creating handsome and functional interiors, Naturally Modern offers a fresh approach to decorating with natural materials, including wood, leather, stone, and textiles like cotton, linen, and wool. In a world dominated by technology, nature's raw materials are back in fashion and with them a taste for interiors that minimize clutter and accentuate sensual appeal.


Blue and White Living

by Stephanie Hoppen, Fritz Von Der Schulenburg
Blue and white is the simplest color combination to decorate with, because most shades of blue look good with other shades of blue and because so many world cultures have produced art and home furnishings in those colors. Therefore, its subtleties are often overlooked. Stephanie Hoppen takes us on a blue-and-white tour of the world: the turquoise tiles of Turkey, the soft milky blues of Sweden, the marine blues of the Caribbean, the crisp dark blue of Chinese pottery, all set off by clean white paint, linens, and porcelain. China, glass, fabric, and tile are all featured in chapters on dining, sleeping, and bathing in blue and white, with close to 200 lovely photographs by Fritz von der Schulenberg making it all look at once peaceful and lively.


Design and Detail in the Home

by David Linley, Janet Gleeson, Jan Baldwin (Photographer), Jane Gleeson
Who wants to be a famous designer? It doesn't hurt that fine furniture maker and author (Classical Furniture [1993] and Extraordinary Furniture [1996])^B David Linley was born to royalty or that his father, Lord Snowden, is a very accomplished photographer. Nonetheless, Linley has produced a mouthwatering, narrated gallery of home interiors, with rooms of the famed (Sir Elton John and Bill Blass, among others) juxtaposed with those not well-known. Far from the pattern-on-pattern style popularized by Mario Buatta, Linley focuses on simplicity--drama even--as we stroll through the ways that people arrive, live, dine, cook, read, rest, work, and bathe.
Barbara Jacobs, Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved


Ideas for Great Home Decorating (Great Series)

by Sunset Books (Editor)
This is definitely the book to get if you're planning to remodel, redecorate or even build a new home. There are lots of color photos featuring beautiful & unique ideas. This book makes decorating easy & enjoyable. The book starts out by introducing design principles & styles. Then you get an in-depth look at windows, window treatments, wall coverings, & flooring. I love the many facts & tips sections that explain the pros & cons of materials.


Minimal Interiors

by Ann McArdle
Find inspiration for the exact style you want in your home. Whether your desire is a natural look, a minimum atmosphere, an elegant room or a romantic space, each volume in this new series provides beautiful examples of what professional interior designers have done to create these looks and moods for their own clients. Each volume presents an abundance of full-size color photographs and elements including color, light, furniture, and accessories which make a room work. A collection providing details, inspiration, and overall design ideas for today's home decoration style.


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