New Floral Kilim Rugs

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New Turkish Kilim Runner - K0043360
2'10" x 9'9" (34 in. x 117 in.)
$750 USD
$629 USD
Aubusson Rug - K0010694
8'7" x 10'10" (103 in. x 130 in.)
$2420 USD
$1797 USD
New Turkish Kilim Rug - K0021073
6'8" x 13'1" (80 in. x 157 in.)
$2180 USD
$1599 USD
New Turkish Kilim Rug - K0021090
6'6" x 9' (78 in. x 108 in.)
$1465 USD
$1099 USD
New Turkish Kilim Rug - K0021079
2'8" x 10'9" (32 in. x 129 in.)
$725 USD
$599 USD
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