We have received a great deal of positive feedback and we wanted to share some of them with you. Please click to send your feedback as well.

M.O. Baltimore, MA USA
"The new kilims arrived safely yesterday. Many thanks for the flexibility in price and for the lovely pillow cases! I thought you might want to see the rugs in their new home..."

T.G. Dubai, U.A.E
"We received the rug today! It is absolutely perfect! Thank you all again for your attention to detail and quality of work!The carpet is the focal point in the room. Thank you so much for part in helping make his room so comfy and beautiful! I can't wait to purchase another rug from you!"

Over-dyed Turkish Patchwork Rug

H.E. Houston, TX, USA
"I received my custom rugs today. I had purchased a vintage rug from you a few months ago, and could not imagine any rug could be more beautiful, but you outdid yourself with the long runner. I live in Houston, Texas. We had massive flooding from a hurricane last August. My house was flooded and we lost a lot. These new rugs have brought me joy and are a lovely new edition to my new floors. Thank you for the excellent work and the most wonderful customer service I can imagine!"

S.S. Istanbul, Turkey
"Look at the beautiful rug ❤ thank you .. It’s the room I pray in and I look forward waking up to see it."

M.C. Taipei City, Taiwan
"I received the rug today, it’s beautiful. And thank you for the evil eye amulet. I recall very fondly the hospitality of the people in Turkey when I visited Izmit with President Clinton in 1999 after the earthquake. I’m very glad to have this piece in my home to remind me of their warmth and resilience."

D.D. Petaluma, CA, USA
"Thank you so much for all of your help! Love the new kilim. Just perfect! Thank you for taking the time to help me get it right :-)"

L.G. Speonk, NY, USA
"I received the tulip rug yesterday and am delighted with it. Here you will see how lovely it looks in the entry to our home and how well it complements the orange one purchased a few months ago. The tulips are very special. Thank you also for the evil eye. This too is a very special one and will be treasured!"

A.W. Dulles, VA, USA
"I just wanted to let you know that our beautiful kilim arrived and we couldn’t be happier. The photos don’t do it justice, but I thought I would send them along. We absolutely love the rug and appreciate very much the wonderful service we received. Thank you so much again for all your help. All the very best."

Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug

L.S. Mill Valley, CA, USA
"Thanks for the rug! We love it! "

Over-dyed Turkish Vintage Rug

D.F. New York, NY, USA
"I received the rugs earlier this week and just wanted to let you know that they are absolutely gorgeous and we’re very happy with them. Attached are a couple of pictures showing how great they look in our apartment. Thanks again for your help and professionalism along the way."

B.R. Alexandria, VA, USA
"The rugs look beautiful…thank you so much…sharing some pictures of them in my sisters house…appreciate your hard work on getting them perfect…cheers "

K.L. Wilmette, IL, USA
"Look at this! Your team did it again. Please tell everyone who was involved with this that I am very grateful! I love it. "

F.H. Palgrave, ON, Canada
"This is my second kilim and i love it, love it and love it. It's even better looking than I imagined. I can't believe how fast it got here. It was here last Thursday I just didn't get a chance to thank you until today. The service is amazing and I will be back again."

Over-dyed Turkish Patchwork Rug

A.C. New York, NY, USA
"Just received rug and couldn't be happier! Thank you so much for all your help with my indecisiveness. Your photoshop simulations made making final choice so much easier and the rug is exactly as pictured! Also super fast shipping from Istanbul to NYCQ."

Over-dyed Patchwork Rug

N.T. Stoke-on-Trent, UK
"Received the carpet this afternoon and I'm delighted with it thank you.
Your photos were a very accurate representation and it looks exactly as I had pictured it. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and family. Your product, service and speed of delivery are excellent. Thank you again and very best wishes."

L.C. Bordeaux, France
"I want to really thank you for your answer, your accompaniment and your shipment! The kilim is really beautiful, I hope it will follow me for years and the little present you put in the package is very precious too!
The expedition was very quick: your service is perfect!"

R.A. Seattle, WA
"I received my runner today and it’s perfect!!!
Love the evil eye too!
Thank you!"

E.B. Santa Barbara, CA, USA
"The rug is gorgeous. We love it. It’s everything we hoped it would be. Thank you so much for all your help. You were spot on. Thanks again. "

R.P. Bucharest, Romania
"The carpets arrived in time and in very good condition. They color and warm up our lives every day now. We find them joyful and pleasant and smart. We particularly love the green- blue one so I would like to have this passed to the designer, if possible. The combination of colours reminds me of Cezanne and Van Gogh South of France paintings. We wish you and your team good health and a prosperous 2018."

J.P. New York, NY
"I received my rug today and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! It is so beautiful and the colors are perfect! The nazar boncuğu was such a lovely touch! I just moved into a new apartment and I appreciate having that. I am so happy with this rug - you guys are awesome."

D.N. Zurich, Switzerland
"Today our Kilim arrived. What a great service! Quick and reliable - thank you very much, we really appreciate it. And the rug looks great."

Vintage Esme Kilim Rug

M.L. Portland, OR, USA
"I've received the rug and it looks spectacular! Your company is SO customer oriented, I'll be raving about it to all my friends and ordering more. Thank you so much!"

Vintage Puturge Kilim Runner

L.G. Speonk, NY, USA
"Just a little note to let you know that I am 100% delighted with my new rug and send you a photo of how it « pops » in the room. Thank you for the amazing service (48 hours from Istanbul!) and all good wishes for 2018."

New Turkish Kilim Rug in Living Room

M.Y. Florence, Italy
"Thank you for your very prompt and efficient shipment of my rug, which I received yesterday. I am very happy with my purchase, it is exactly as described and pictured on your website."

T.G. Lancs, UK
"Absolutely love our new rug, colour and pattern exactly as shown, service has been brilliant, delivery super quick, very very pleased. I was worried about ordering online but shopping with kilim has been the best. Just wish I’d ordered 2 matching cushions at the same time. I would definitely recommend kilim. Thank You Kilim."

J.M.A. Madrid, Spain
"Good morning from Madrid. I am delighted with my new carpet, thanks for the fast shipping. I send you photos of how it is put. Good!"

Over-dyed Turkish Vintage Rug in Living Room

B.S. San Francisco, CA, USA
"Received the rug in good order today, and better, it exceeds my expectations! I’ve visited Istanbul a couple of years ago and had a kilim on my wishlist ever since. Enclosed a picture to show it is in good hands, thanks again!"

Over-dyed Turkish Vintage Rug in Living Room

A.W. Stockholm, Sweden
"We received the rug today and are very pleased. We love it."

Turkish Patchwork Rug

W.W. Columbus, OH, USA
"I received my awesome new rug yesterday. Thank you for working so hard to make this a great experience."

Turkish Patchwork Rug

S.H. Dallas, TX, USA
"Looks fantastic - thank you :)"

Over-dyed Patchwork Rug Under Table

L.V. Brussels, Belgium
"Look at this! Your team did it again. Please tell everyone who was involved with this that I am very grateful! I love it. "

A. D. South Jordan, UT, USA
"I was so pleased with my first rug purchase I ordered another! I couldn't be more pleased and the customer service I received was amazing! I will definitely use this company for all future rug purchases."

Turkish Vintage Rug in Living Room

J.B. Laguna Beach, CA, USA
"Absolutely love my rug.. It's exactly what I was hoping for. Great and efficient service.."

Over-dyed Turkish Vintage Rug in Living Room

C.M. Madison, WI, USA
"Received my gorgeous, custom 5' x 7' kilim. Absolutely exceeded my expectations, and is perfect the intended room. I highly recommend your business for custom kilims or pile rugs!"

C.A. Gloucester, MA, USA
"My family has been laughing at me because I cannot stop telling my new rugs how perfect they are! :) I attached a photo so you could see how beautiful they look in their respective rooms. Thank you! And thank you for the gift. I am of Greek descent and have a very full appreciation for warding off the evil eye!"

A. D. South Jordan, UT, USA
"I ordered the most beautiful rug! I am so pleased with the quality of service, fast shipping and the rug itself! I couldn't be happier!! Thank you! "

A. D. South Jordan, UT, USA

C.S. Palm Desert, CA, USA
"I just got the rug and it is amazing!!!! Thanks so much!!!! It was worth the wait. You guys do amazing things. I cannot wait until the next project to work with you!"

M.B Asheville, NC, USA
"Received the 2 rugs we ordered, they look great, great service and love the seeing eye gift inside! Thanks, will spread the word."

Asheville NC, USA

J.R. Rancho Mirage, CA, USA
"You folks are a delight to deal with! Amazingly, the new/vintage just arrived this morning! I can't believe that it came from Istanbul to the California desert in 4 days! By the way, I love your beautiful, ancient city!"

L.P. Clayton, GA, USA
"Our rugs arrived yesterday and we couldn't be happier!! They are lovely and suit our home beautifully! Thanks for the outstanding products and for being so easy to work with!"

K.M. Richmond, VA, USA
"The rug arrived today and it looks great, the colors are exactly what I wanted! Thank you so much for working with me to give me what I was looking for! Attached is a photo of it in our dining room."

K.M. Richmond, VA, USA

F.H. Palgrave, ON, CANADA
"What a beautiful rug. Your customer service is amazing and Ida was great. You run a awesome business and keep up the great work. I am ordering another one as soon as I can figure out which one I like. Thank you for making my home looking great."

M.W. Ladue, MO, USA
"I received the rug today and it is absolutely beautiful and fits perfectly in my hall. Thank you so much for modifying the ends so that it would work. I love it! "

H.C. Guatemala, GUATEMALA
"Thank you for your help. We are in love with our rugs! They look magnificent!"

S.S. Los Angeles, CA
"Greetings to you at Kilim.com in Istanbul and hoping this finds you fairly well despite all the craziness throughout the world. The Kilim I ordered JUST This Week!!! already arrived an hour ago at my home in Los Angeles. I eagerly unpacked it because of course it's always a gamble to buy things on the internet, not only because it's from people you don't know, but also because sometimes what you see online looks quite different when it arrives (and not because of malfeasance but also because you see so little in a few pictures). But this time I am happy to report and share with you that the kilim I fell in love with from your picture does not disappoint me at all now that it has arrived. MERCIS!"

W.I. Chester Springs, PA, USA
"The Kilim has arrived and we are absolutely delighted. The colors and warmth of the rug are exactly what we needed. Thank you for a very professional and fulfilling experience. We can't wait for our next rug currently in production. All the best."

D.G. Stephens City, VA, USA
"We have received our rug, and it is beautiful! Thank you so much for your personal attention."

Vintage patchwork rug in front of fireplace

C.B. Alexandria, VA, USA
"Arrived safely and wonderfully. Thank you so very much. Peace to you."

Overdyed patchwork rug in livingroom

I.T. Ontario, Canada
"Thank you for making such a beautiful rug! We love it! We just need a few more little decor pieces and the room is complete! Thank you for working with such a detail-oriented person!!!"

Custom patchwork rug

K.A. Waikoloa, HI, USA
"We received our Kilim and it was absolutely stunning. We love it. What a beautiful work of art. I will cherish this rug forever. Excellent communication and service and I would recommend Kilim.com to anyone interested in quality and great service. I hope someday I will be able to purchase another kilim from you."

Colorful handmade vintage kilim rug under table

A.R. Miami, FL, USA
"We are delighted and in love with our rugs!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your help and support! It was a real pleasure making business with you! Be sure that if we ever buy another rug, we will buy it from you! I highly recommend Kilim with everyone that would ask about them!"

Red overdyed patchwork rug under table

V.K. Corralitos, CA, USA
"We received our patchwork Kilim and are very happy with it. Thank you Ida for all your help & suggestions in choosing this custom rug. I can truly say I have never had better service for any company - EVER! My emails were answered daily with such patience. And it was exciting to watch the delivery process through UPS global, as the rug traveled from Istanbul to California. Your gift was very much appreciated."

Blue overdyed patchwork rug in livingroom

J.P. Michigan, USA
"Here are some photos of your beautiful rugs in our home. We just love them! Lighting isn't the best but here goes."

Red overdyed rug in living room

D.M. Auckland, New Zealand
"JUST arrived !! Could not have been more perfect. Thanks, will be recommending you to all my friends."

Vintage Turkish rug in bedroom

J.W. Toronto, Canada
"Just wanted to let you know that my absolutely stunning carpet arrived today and I could not be happier. It is simply perfect and I am in love! We live in an 1885 Victorian row house in downtown Toronto and the room is long and narrow with lots of doors and a beautiful tiled fireplace. It was very hard to find a rug that worked! It really pulls the room together and is very durable too with a dog and a four year old boy.
Thank you, all the best from Toronto, Canada. "

Overdyed vintage rug in living room

A.B. Church Point, Australia
"We are just loving our Kilim! We often talk about the efficiency of your Company. Best wishes."

Dog on kilim rug

B.C. California, USA
"Just wanted to follow up and send a picture of the Kilim rug in the office/den which really completes the space! Thanks so much again for working with me on this and trimming the rug to fit. It's perfect. You guys were great and I will definitely order more rugs from you in the future! Many, many thanks."

Kilim rug in living room

E.B. St.Petersburg, FL, USA
"Thank you so much!! We are so happy with the rug we purchased from you!!! It is just beautiful!!!"

Pile rug in bedroom

S.M., Guayaquil, Ecuador
"I am speechless. Thank you very much for everything. I love my gift, Thank you."

Blue overdyed patchwork rug

G.G. Diemen, Netherlands
"Thx soo much for the fantastic beautiful Kilim that I received last Wednesday at my work address . It's exactly as imagined so thx to your well working website and service. I will for sure recommend Kilim.com to my friends. "

Vintage kilim rug in office

L.R. Richmond, Australia
"I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my rug and your service. The rug is even better than it looked online and I was thrilled to receive it in a short period of time.
Great service, quality and price. "

Colorful patchwork vintage rug in bedroom

"Also, I wanted to add that I have been blown away by Kilim's customer service - everything from the care with which the rug was packed with a note and the gift of the eye, as well as your kind email made it feel like I was doing business with a trusted family friend. I hope to buy many more rugs from Kilim in the future and will highly recommend it to friends."

S.W. New York, NY, USA
"The rug has arrived and is even more beautiful than we had hoped. Thank you all so much. It makes the entry to our apartment much more inviting. Appreciate the lovely pillows that we also will enjoy."

Pile runner rug in the hallway

S.B. Oakland, CA, USA
"Just thought you might like to see my kilim in context. A great addition to my office. It is beautiful :)"

Kilim rug on wooden floor

C.K. Cambridge, MA, USA
"Many thanks for sending so efficiently and well packed the kilim we purchased from your website. We are most satisfied. Excellent piece, works well, beautiful colors and excellent service."

K.N. Nishinomiya, Japan
"I have just received kilim pillow covers that I had ordered. I would like to thank you for shipping so fast. They are so beautiful and have good condition. I really love them! I will treasure them!"

D.S. San Francisco, CA, USA
"This afternoon I received the rugs and they are absolutely beautiful. Also thank you for the thoughtful gifts that were included. I like to thank you for making this process so pleasant and professional. You are an example how business should be done. Your prompt and direct and clear dealings made everything easy for the costumer and it was a pleasure doing business with you and the company."

Overdyed patchwork rug in sitting room

G.O. Berkeley, CA, USA
"Kilim.com worked closely with us to design, custom fabricate and deliver three patchwork rugs to an overseas client. Their pricing was very reasonable, their quality was exceptional, and their customer service was better in every way than most of the suppliers I work with in the U.S. They far exceeded my expectations, and I look forward to working with them again. "

Overdyed patchwork runner in dressing room

D.T. Aruba, Antilles
"Attached are a couple of pictures of the carpet in our living room. It is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for your efforts in getting the carpet as we had envisioned it."

Overdyed patchwork rug in room

R.M. Traverse City, MI, USA
"The rug arrived on-time and just as it looked online. I really like it - I think it's going to work well!! Thank you - and thank you for the evil eye. Can't wait to show it to the interior designer who first introduced me to the idea of of an dyed rug."

V. M. New York, NY, USA
"The kilim arrived, and I am absolutely thrilled with it. It's a beautiful color and beautifully woven. Thank you so much, and please convey my appreciation to the weaver."

R.B. Chicago, IL, USA
"It's terrific in my family room! Thank you."

Overdyed patchwork rug infront of fireplace

A.R. Costa Rica
"Hello! Just a quick note to let you know that I have the rugs with me now!!! I am delighted! We are still far from moving to our new apartment but I promise to send you pictures when we finally place them.
Again THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your help and support! It was a real pleasure making business with you! Be sure that if we ever buy another rug, we will buy it from you! I highly recommend Kilim with everyone that would ask about them! "

W.O. Nova Scotia, Canada
"My daughter's B&B opened and your rugs are quite a hit. Thank you very much for giving my wife and myself so much time, energy and hospitality you provided while we were visiting Turkey. I cannot tell you how nice the semi antique looks in our living room. The size is perfect in proportion to the space and the righness of the colour is wonderful. "

Kilim rug in sitting room

K.E. Atlanta, GA, USA
"The rug just arrived and it's perfect. Thank you!"

C.F. Sydney, Australia
"I wanted you to know that the rug arrived safely on Thursday and we are thoroughly delighted. The rug is exactly as we expected, and delivery was easily within the timeframe you suggested. Thank you for your care throughout the purchasing process and also for your lovely inclusions in our package! Very thoughtful. Here is a photo of our rug in situ … All the best - we will definitely be recommending your company to our family, friends and colleagues."

Overdyed patchwork rug in living room

O.N. Halmstad, Sweden
"Our rug has just arrived. My wife and I are very satisfied with your product. It was exactly what we had hoped for. Everything from order to delivery has functioned perfectly. I´ll recommend you to my friends."

Overdyed patchwork rug in living room

K.J. Main Ridge, Australia
"Thank you so much for my beautiful rug. I cannot believe how quickly it arrived from the other side of the world! Your service has been exceptional and I hope I can purchase from you again in the future. Many thanks."

J.W. Los Angeles, USA

Kilim rug in living room

P.Z. California, USA
"The rug arrived and we are delighted. We are very pleased that everything from design to ordering to shipping went so smoothly. We will be in Istanbul and plan to stop by your showroom. We would like to thank you in person."

G.R. New Haven, CT, USA
"Really beautiful rug."

Pile rug room

A.M. Tábor, Czech Republic
"Hello, thank you for the carpet, is very nice and we are happy."

M.W, Texas, USA
"I just received my two rugs and they exceed my expectations. The colors and patina are exactly what I was hoping."

J.G. New Mexico, USA
"The kilim has arrived speedily and safely. We are delighted. My spouse loves the kilim—and the colors on the web were true. Amazing to order from Istanbul and getter better service and quality than buying locally. The global economy lives. Thanks for great service and high quality at reasonable prices."

S.S. California, USA
"I have received the Kilims and they are fabulous. The web site photographs were pretty good for color match. The pillows are lovely and will be great on the brick red window seat. Thanks for all of your help and patience. I will pass your site along to fellow textile lovers. Best regards..."

V. M. New York, NY, USA
"I want to tell you how pleased I am with the kilims I bought from you and the service you gave me. Your Web site is excellent, since it shows every detail and color of the kilims. I really believe you can see greater detail on screen than you can in a poorly lit carpet store!

In addition, when I had questions, you responded personally and explained everything to my satisfaction. Your delivery was prompt, and I was delighted to receive the kilims, which are very beautiful. I have recommended your "store" to everyone I know."

Kilim rug in living room

R.J. Ohio, USA
"I wanted to let you know I received the rug yesterday and it is amazing! I absolutely love it. I will highly recommend Kilim.com to everyone I know. Thank you very much."

M.M. Cluj Napoca, Romania
"The carpet arrived safe and sound. I will order another one soon. Thanks very much for all your help once again!"

Gray overdyed rug in living room

J.N. Texas, USA
"This morning I opened the kilim that was ordered from Kilim.com. It more than met my expectations. The quality is superb, the description on your website is most accurate, and your service is outstanding. Kilim.com should be a great success. My thanks for your help."

F.O Dubai, UAE

Orange overdyed rug in living room

A.T. Tokyo, Japan
"I received the kilim yesterday. I am pleased with the kilim. The kilim is very pretty. It is in good condition. Thank you for your kindness."

E.D. New York, NY, USA
"Great site!! I want to compliment you on the clear, concise, well-organized and thorough manner in which you've presented this very complex topic! Thank you, thank you!... Keep up the good work! Very enjoyable."

R.L. Hong Kong

Kilim rug in dining room

K.F. Illinois, USA
"I did recieve my kilim and love it! It's hard to believe it's 50 so years old. Is it really a semi-antique??? I do love it and there is another I will be ordering soon. Your company is very easy to deal with. Thank you."

G.P. London, UK
"Thank you very much for the kilim which arrived yesterday. I am very impressed by the speed, efficiency and helpfulness of your business. Many thanks."

C.B. Tennessee, USA
"I received the gorgeous rug, and am enjoying it very much. Your company was easy to deal with, and I'm very pleased with the process and the rug. Thanks."

B.C. Texas, USA
"They are wonderful, thanks. I will tell my friends."

C.J. New York, NY, USA
"I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your assistance in connection with our purchase of the Herki killim. It looks great in our living room. Rest assured that we will be looking at your website on a regular basis and telling our friends about our good experience with your business."

A.R. Oregon, USA
"I received the Fethiye kilim yesterday. The rug is as beautiful as I imagined it would be. Your site very closely represented the rug and you did even more so when you emailed me a newly calibrated image. I also want to especially thank you for your excellent and gracious service.
I wish you much success. This rug will grace our home.
It will be a prayer rug of peace. Regards."

M.Q. Pennsylvania, USA

Dog on kilim rug in room

M. & M. M. Rhode Island, USA
"This is in answer to your email of Wednesday, April 2nd regarding our kilim order. Yes, we did receive it, and it is exactly what we wanted. We are very impressed with the beauty and color if it's wonderful design and are also very impressed with the quality of it's craftsmanship. We are very proud to be the owners of this lovely work of art and are sure that it will become a treasured heirloom in years to come. Please express our compliments to the gifted artisan or artisans who created this lovely kilim. They made us very happy.
I also want to express our gratitude to Selin Damar who was very responsive to our email inquiries regarding the delivery of our rug. We were a little anxious about ordering an item from a foreign country through the email, but Selin Damar's prompt replies to our questions gave us peace of mind and we really appreciated it.
In closing, I am happy to say that we would not hesitate to order from you company again in the future, and that we will recommend Kilim.com to others as well."

D.B. Bordeaux, France
"My kilim well received without any trouble. It meets my expectation and I am very happy of your services. Best regards."

R.B. Utah, USA

Kilim rugs hanged on walls

I.J. Connecticut, USA
"Thank you very much, the kilims arrived yesterday and they are great! I appreciate all the help and attention I received and we received some postcards with kilim designs on them. I like some of them so I hope in the future to order some others with you. Have a nice day..."

A.H. Shizuoka – Ken, Japan
"I received the kilim last night, and spent hours gazing it. Sorry for not contacting immediately, I just couldn’t leave from the kilim. It is more than my expectation, which is also expected. What a kilim! Deep and tender colors, lively design and fine weaving. I am so happy and don’t know how to express my gratitude. Your correspondence was very neat and prompt, which gave me no worrying about purchasing the kilim without looking the real. Thank you very much for your kindness and wonderful kilim! Dealing with Kilim.com was my great pleasure, and I would like to do it again soon."

K.K. Oakville, ON, Canada "I am enjoying my Kilims in my new home - an old 1888 heritage house in Orangeville, Ontario. I thought you might like to see a few pictures of them all."

Kilim rug in living room

F.N. California, USA
"The kilim arrived today & it's beautiful. It's just as I pictured it. I can't wait to get it home...
... I will definitely use your site in the future and will recommend it to friends."

Y.M. Tokyo, Japan
"My kilims are wonderful! Shipping to Tokyo was quite rapid. I'd wondered whether ordering a semi-antique over the net all the way from Turkey was wise, but your explanation of its condition and the photo you sent me were very accurate. It's beautiful :) Thanks..."

E.H. & C.J. California, USA
"We are very happy with the rug, and our experience with kilim.com has been excellent. Your website is effective for looking at rugs and getting information, your handling was prompt and consistent with the site's promises, and you were responsive when we had problems and questions."

L.L. Bolzano, Italy
"I received some weeks ago my new kilim, it's beautiful and I'm very satisfied. Thank's."

C.M. New York, NY, USA
"We received our kilim today, and it is wonderful. You have a very well done website that succeeds in trying to be as accurate as possible in displaying these works of art. Thank you for your fine service. "

T.H. Arizona, USA
"I received the rug and love it. I was very impressed by the quality of the rug I received and by your service, and so I am recommending it to my friends. Thank you very much."

K.I. Osaka, Japan
"Kilim reached safely today. Excellent, in addition elegance have moved. It is very satisfactory. I appreciate all services for it. Since it surpasses, I want to place an order again. Thank you."

R.J. Ohio, USA
"I wanted to let you know I received the rug yesterday and it is amazing! I absolutely love it. I will highly recommend Kilim.com to everyone I know. Thank you very much."

J.N. Wiltshire, UK
"Thank you, my kilim was just as I pictured it from the photographs on your excellent website.

I would also like to congratulate you on your excellent service and updates - a refreshing change!"

J.B. Tokyo, Japan
"The rugs came as expected (6 days after shipping from Istanbul). They are beautiful. We'll look forward to using them for many years. We'll be back again in the future for more rugs..."

D.S. Arizona, USA
"The kilim arrived today -way earlier than I expected. Thank you for the super service. AND----It's just as beautiful as I hoped it would be. I will definitely be back for more!
Thank you,

P.S. Also thanks for the post cards."

K.C. Louisiana, USA
"I just wanted you to know that the rug arrived and it is beautiful. Thank you very much for all you efforts. Best regards..."

S.A. Puerto Rico, USA
"I just wanted to let you know how pleased with my order! I received my Kilims today (perfect timing since it is my birthday!) Thanks so much and I am looking forward to ordering new Kilims as they arrive. I will be checking your website from time to time!"

J.K. Illinois, USA
"We have received our kilim and are very pleased. It is displayed proudly in our home, and it has made my wife very happy. Thank you for your efforts."

R.L. New York, NY, USA
"Thank you! I received the kilim yesterday and it is beautiful!"

V.W. Texas, USA
"I just received the kilims yesterday and they are perfect! Thanks!"

E.C. New Jersey, USA
"Many thanks for the beautiful kilim you and your company has sent so promptly to me. I am going to search for another one soon because I am so pleased with the whole experience!"

R. O. Denia, Spain
"Thank you very much I did receive my order and within two days which was excellent. We are very happy with the covers. The quality and the colours are superb."

A.D. California, USA
"Wow! I am so thoroughly impressed with this absolutely BEAUTIFUL Kilim. I have forwarded your site on to my parents who are building a new house and they will be delighted to know that there is an affordable, stunning, and culturally connected way to decorate their house. I also loved the postcards that you sent. They are going to be prominently displayed in my flat.

Thanks so much. I am very pleased with your customer service and your merchandise."

A.H. Shizuoka-ken, Japan
"The kilim K0000…, the flood of colors and vivid design, kept a tight grasp on my heart at first look.
I would like to get in touch with you when I receive it. As you show me such marvelous kilims and other beautiful textiles, gazing your website is my great pleasure.
Thank you very much."

D.D. Illinois, USA
"I did receive them and they are beautiful! I plan to order more! Thanks for your tremendous service!"

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Kilim rug hanged on wall in_office

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