Tulu Area Rugs

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is the English pronunciation for the Turkish word, "tüylü" meaning hairy. It is pronounced “two-lou”. Tulu rugs are characteristically long-piled and woven with large knots. "Filikli" tulu rugs are made of the long, curly hair of Angora goats (mohair), so they are lustrous, silky and soft to the touch.
We can also custom make tulu rugs or filikli tulu rugs according to your specifications.
For more info, please check out our article on tulu rugs.

Grey New Turkish 'Filikli' Tulu Rug - K0028261
4'3'' x 7'5'' (51 in. x 89 in.)
$530 USD
$449 USD
Beige New Turkish 'Filikli' Tulu Rug - K0033603
5'3'' x 10'8'' (63 in. x 128 in.)
$1099 USD
$949 USD
Beige New Turkish 'Filikli' Tulu Rug - K0033604
4'9'' x 13'3'' (57 in. x 159 in.)
$1199 USD
$1049 USD
Light Blue New Turkish 'Filikli' Tulu Rug - K0028637
2'9'' x 5'5'' (33 in. x 65 in.)
$299 USD
$249 USD
Beige New Turkish 'Filikli' Tulu Rug - K0033605
4'2'' x 6'11'' (50 in. x 83 in.)
$599 USD
$499 USD
Multicolor New Turkish 'Filikli' Tulu Rug - K0028263
5'5'' x 8'8'' (65 in. x 104 in.)
$799 USD
$699 USD
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